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Gasthuisstraat 57
8970 Poperinge

House rules

Find out more about the house rules which make the stay as pleasant as possible for all the present and future guests. The whole house is non-smoking. There can be smoked ouside on the patio/garden. No butts throw on the ground but in the provided ashtrays.

  • If you leave the house, all exterior doors must be closed.
  • All costs are included in the rent. We ask you to have respect for the environment and consciously deal with water and energy. Don’t leave the heating unnecessary on. At extremely high consumption, we are forced to charge a supplement.
  • There should be nothing thrown in the toilets, bathtubs, sinks or other drains (no tampons, sanitary towels, nappies, panty liners, …) also no cooking oil, fats food waste or chemicals down the drain or in the toilets. This causes serious blockages!
  • Use for the rubbish the designated garbage bags. Keep glass and plastic bottles apart. The trash bags must be in the garage at the end of your stay. Don’t forget the dirty bags of the rooms, the toilets and the bar to empty.
  • Pets aren’t allowed in the house.
  • Do not open spaces or cabinets with a key which are closed for private purposes.
  • Please do not unnecessarily move the furniture and beds. If you do, make sure that you cause no harm and that everything is in place at the end of your stay.
  • The beds are made upon arrival. Always use linen on the beds. There is an extra set of lines available in case of emergency.
  • Let the different remotes in the room or in the room where they are to be used.
  • Make sure you don’t make any inconvenience. Avoid noise after 22h in the evening of respect for local residents.
  • Identify any deficiencies immediately upon arrival and report it within 24 hours, so the house for the next guests may be in order.
  • Any complaints you should report immediately (at the latest within 24 hours) after detection.
  • You are required upon arrival at the house yourself and your group to be informed of the escape route, fire extinguishers and emergency buttons that are present in the house.
  • Keep emergency exits and ladders free. Use it only in case of emergency.
  • Keep fire doors closed but never locked.
  • Beside the house rules is the Belgian law in force.
  • Upon departure, the tenant must leave the house in a decent state behind.
    • This means: broom clean, rubbish in closed bags in the bicycle parking places, furniture in it’s original place (as on arrival) and the dishes stored in the appropriate boxes. When this, after checking, is not in order, an additional amount will be charged.