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Published June 13, 2016

Festival Dranouter

Festival Dranouter

Festival Dranouter, until 2010 known als Folk Dranouter, is a summer festival which is  annually organized in the little village of Dranouter in the Belgian region West-Flanders, traditional the first full weekend of the August. It’s the biggest festival in Europe in its genre.

In 1975 the festival started with a few music groups on the playground of the local school.   In 40 years the festival became an event with 5 stages. The festivities last officially 3 days, though there is also an program at the eve. In recent years, T-traditional folk bands are more and more often supplemented by some well-known names on the programme as a crowd puller. 

Skindles Guesthouse its the ideal base to enjoying the festival for someone who prefer some more luxury than on the camping.

Find out more about the festival at the website: www.festivaldranouter.be

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