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Gasthuisstraat 57
8970 Poperinge

Published April 18, 2016

Family Peter and Mike

Chantal and Peter made us feel incredibly welcome from the first moment we arrived. We learned all about this stylishly updated 200yo historical property and were amazed at this friendly warm and safe place in the charming town of Poperinge. Easy to find with ample off-street parking to the rear. Conveniently located for visits to all the nearby WW1 (and 2) sites of interest. Our apartment (and the others we saw) was well appointed and equipped and incredibly relaxing. The 2 bedrooms to the apartment, tho’ quite small, were comfortable and snug. The buffet breakfast provided was excellent- the farm fresh eggs were a revelation. On the whole, it would be difficult for a stay in a town to be more laid back and easy. Unreservedly recommend to anyone who likes something just a little bit different. Old and modern beautifully combined.