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We, Chantal & Peter, are 2 bon vivants, have 2 daughters and live in Poperinge.  In 2015 we started  Maison Marie, a holiday home/B&B located in the countryside between Poperinge / Ypres and Heuvelland. Meanwhile we have welcomed so many interesting guests that we now also started Skindles Guesthouse. We love it 🙂

about skindles

It was especially during the post-War period, in the 1920s, that Skindles Hotel was visited by thousands of Englishmen who came on “pilgrimage” to the former battlefields and military cemeteries. Given the many memories associated with the name Skindles, it is not surprising that many illustrious people visited the hotel.

In the “Golden Book” we find the following names: the Japanese prince Ri-Gin, Lord Plumer, Stanley Baldwin, Lord Gort, Montgomery, Baden Powell, Sir Haig, Lord Armstrong, Minister Marteaux, the German propaganda minister Goebbels.



In the meantime, the entire building, rooms, banquet hall and garden have been renovated, while honoring the historic style as much as possible. 

The nostalgia of the past can still be felt during the many parties and events for visitors and tourists

The building has a rich history. The Classicist mansion from the 18th century, at 57 Gasthuisstraat, was the residence of the family of Renynghe de Voxrie. The goddess of the hunt, Diana, is depicted in the pediment.

During and after World War I, the Skindles Hotel was named after a British club, accessible only to officers, which was originally located in the same street under the name ‘La Bourse du Houblon’.




A video from the old days shows how Skindles Hotel was “the place to be” for the upper class. A horse and carriage and black limousine bring the wedding couple and guests to the front door of the grand hotel, where there was already a large banquet hall to organize the party in all its splendor.


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